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RE: Downloading the executable into ETRAX-100

You might also find that you need to build the Linux (as oposed to the ucLinux) image , as building against the wrong API can have some damn wierd effects, and put it on the axis box. From there , the easiest way to build is to whack a reference to the executable in the make list in the root of the directory, make the package (It's pretty quick), the images, and do a ./ktest .
Beautifulll , *relatively* simple, and quick.
BTW quick tip..... Put in a make target in the package directory like INTEL: or something, that builds a standard gcc i386 linux type executable, this makes quick testing alot easier.....
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From: Vilas Uchil [mailto:vilas@xxxxxxx.edu]
Sent: Tuesday, 25 September 2001 1:31
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Subject: Downloading the executable into ETRAX-100

Hi everyone
I am working on a problem where I need to compile and download the executeable into the ETRAX-100LX.
I followed the instructions given in the axis help page.
I compiled the executeable as mentioned in the web page and did an FTP into the board.
When I run the executeable on the board...it does not work
It gives File not found error.
Can anyone give me some help as to where I am going wrong...
Vilas Uchil