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RE: Downloading the executable into ETRAX-100

> padflashimage 0x1a0000 flash1.img
> ****** PROBLEM: image this far exceeds alignment offset - it 
> is  too large!
> make: *** [kimage] Error 255

The proper way to build from scratch (as "make help" will tell) is:

make tools
make kernel
make cris-axis-linux-gnu
make install
make images

Since you obviously already have done some of these I think that

make cris-axis-linux-gnu
make install
make images

should work for you (maybe you have done all of this already, but I couldn't tell
from your error log). If you still get the error above you must have added
something large to makespec. The cramfs image (cramfs.img) must not be
more than 0x1a0000 - sizeof(vmlinuz) - sizeof(ptable.img) bytes.

I know, for example, that using libstdc++ (which uses libm) will make cramfs.img
to large to fit in the 2MB flash of the developer board.