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Correction: Problems in linking g++-objectfiles...

Oh.. I am so sorry....

It was the wrong snip. Here follows hopefully the right one:
g++-cris -mlinux -xc++ -isystem /home/axisgnu/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/include -lg++ -s -L/home/axisgnu/axis/devboard_lx/eroot/lib  -D_TAG_CONSOLE_IN -D_TAG_SERIAL_IN -D_TAG_INET_IN                base/rse_base.o base/rse_unit.o base/rse_packet.o unit/unit_transmitter.o unit/unit_console.o unit/unit_file.o unit/unit_ftp.o unit/unit_inet.o unit/unit_log.o unit/unit_lpr.o unit/unit_pop3.o unit/unit_smtp.o unit/unit_serial.o unit/unit_snmptrap.o unit/unit_spool.o unit/unit_syslog.o unit/unit_grep.o unit/unit_sed.o unit/unit_select.o  device/dev_serial.o device/dev_inet.o rse.o -o rse
base/rse_base.o:114:19: warning: no newline at end of file
base/rse_base.o:1:16: warning: embedded null characters ignored
base/rse_base.o:1:18: warning: embedded null character ignored

Thanks and best regards
José Artur Antão Ortega