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RE: NAND Flash

The ETRAX 100LX has no support for NAND flashes. We suggest using NOR flashes instead e.g.
TC58FVT641FT. Regardless of flash technology we currently recommend JFFS version 1. 

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Subject: NAND Flash

Hi, all.
In our application we use NAND Flash chip Toshiba TC58V64AFT (8M x 8).
FLASH      Etrax
D0-D7      D00-D07
CLE <2>    <B20>
ALE <3>    <C19>
WE# <4>    <A4>|<A7>
WP# <5>    RESET# <Y10>
R/B# <41>  <C20>
RE# <42>   <A4>|<B8>

CE# <43>   <B19>
Is it possible to use this chip with this connection?
What file system would be the best?

Petr Hanyk