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head.S / make xconfig

Hi there

The document device_drivers-howto.html about how to write a device driver on
the axis homepage describes how to modify the linux configuration and the
assembly file arch/cris/kernel/head.S. I don't understand what this file
does exactly. The comments say that it maps the I/O registers to memory
areas. That's o.k. and what I expect as a programmer. But what happens if I
disable all drivers (scsi,ata,par,ser,mio) using make xconfig? Does that
automatically set the bits 0..9 of R_GEN_CONFIG to zero? (I think that's the
stuff in the head.S file, isn't it)
In my driver I need unlimited access to all pins of the register
R_PORT_G_DATA. I set the corresponding directions in R_GEN_CONFIG, but LEDs
connected to e.g. the LPT1 header don't show any reaction. (e.g.
R_PORT_G_DATA:15 -->s0d7# --> Pin 17 of LPT1 header).
Can anyone see what I'm doing wrong and give me some hints how to make it

Thanks to all

P.S.: This mailing list really helps a lot!!!


Supercomputing Systems AG
Marco Nef