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Serial port (again?)

Hi gurus,

I would like to use serial port of devboard. For testing I connect ser0 to
my PC with null modem cable. On the PC I use minicom for terminal. If I use
high baudrate (from 38400) it is works correctly. But if I change the speed
to 19200 or below ('hwtestserial -d /dev/ttyS0 -b 19200'), it goes to bad.
On this baudrate  when I send more than 4 characters the stream is cutted
somewhere (I use 'echo -n "UUUUU" > /dev/ttyS0' or something like this ('U'
is 0x55, easy to evaluate on scope)). Ex. if I send 5pcs of 'U' the first 4
is arrived correctly, but the 5th byte is only one (maybe 2) bits long. The
sympthom is same with ser2.
Is this maybe a kernel config mistake? Or the serial setting? Possible any

Tanks in advance,

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