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serial port forever


It seems that I can understand linux or there is a serious problem with
serial port (I hope the first). I wrote a few mail about my problem to the
list but no answer recieved. I would like to use ser0 and ser2. I try to
describe my method which is _very_ simple and it works between 2 PC:

- On PC I start sermon or minicom
- On devboard type: echo -n "blablabla" > /dev/ttyS0

Unfortunately this is not work. The problem appears after a few characters
(the number of characters depend on baudrate at 9600bps ~3-4 chars). Usually
the last byte(s) does not transmitted. This means somehow the last
characters are cutted (even in middle of byte).

I use:
cris-dist 1.14
devboard_lx 2.0.0
linux 2.4.5

I checked the mail list, but I did not find anybody who report this problem,
so I think if this problem only appears for me, this is my mistake. But I
did not modified the sources or anyting else in packages above, and compile
without errors, then I download image to flash.
And the result is not good. If I can not solve this probem, I can not
develeop the my application.

Can somebody help me? Peaseeeee!


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