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Serial port ;-)


It seems that I does not bother myself about serial port matter.

+12V _      ________
  0V _...__|        |    ||  ||||  ...
-12V _              |____||__||||__

           | ~350ms |  |-pwr on string--|

When I power on my connected device, there is a ~350ms transient. After it I
can not read from serial port. If I connect the port after the transient it
works fine. Unfortunately I must catch the power on string so it is not
possible to connect before power on.

My port settings:
c_cflag= B9600 | CS8 | CLOCAL | CREAD
c_iflag= IGNPAR | IGNCR
c_oflag= 0
c_lflag= 0

With these settings the application works well on PC.
What meke I wrong?

Thx in advance

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