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Re: porting app with gnu configure

> From: Vladimir Bormotov <bor@xxxxxxx.ua>
> Date: 06 Oct 2001 22:09:18 +0300

>  checking size of long... 4
> checking whether byte ordering is bigendian... configure: error: can not run test program while cross compiling
>  read "GNU Autobook" and patch configure.in (or write own configure.in) is
>  my "main direction", but may be simliest way exist?

Probably not.  Supposedly
will work.

Check also
<URL:http://www.gnu.org/software/autoconf/autoconf.html> and
<URL:http://sources.redhat.com/autoconf/>, and in particular the
autoconf macro archive mentioned above (at

Good luck.

brgds, H-P