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RE: porting app (again)

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> From: RedHat [mailto:RedHat@xxxxxxx.net]

> I tried "backing down" to a smaller application.
> I added:
> include $(APPS)/Rules.elinux
> To the Makefile
> And, I managed to get "something" to build. However, when I 
> try to run it on
> the dev board it claims "bad magic".
> I'm wondering if the -isystem /usr/local/include is causing 
> problems, or?

The isystem path is set as "$(prefix)/include" internally in Rules.elinux.Your Makefile is probably overriding the value of prefix to /usr/local. Try removing the definition av 'prefix' in your Makefile.

'prefix' should be equal to $(EROOT) when building for cris-axis-linux-gnu.