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serial port parity problem


I have written a program where I enable parity checking (c_cflag = PARENB |
PARODD), set the flag for ignoring characters with parity errors (c_iflag =
IGNPAR) and then read from the serial port using read(). This works as long
as there is no characters with parity error. However, I got an old piece of
equipment connected to one of the serial ports on Etrax100LX. This equipment
now and then sends a character with wrong parity (this is OK according to
its protocol - donīt ask me why). This is accepted by a PC, which
successfully reads all the characters with correct parity. However, running
exactly the same code on the Etrax does not work. The same problematic
behaviour occurs when I send characters from the PC to the Etrax mixing
characters with correct and wrong parity.

Perhaps this is a somewhat similar problem as the one Szabo got
(http://mhonarc.axis.se/dev-etrax/msg01093.html). Is this also due to the
fact that "driver in 2.4 does not yet handle "breaks" and errors very well"?