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RE: How much flash?

> How much flash does the etrax lx board have? I thought it was 2MB. But I did a df 
> after I burned an image on it, and this is what I get. /dev/flash2 seems quite small. 
> /var seems to have quite a bit. Can I allocate more stuff for /dev/flash2. Are there 
> other flash chips I should be seeing?

The Developer Board and Developer Board LX have one 2MB flash chip. You can
partition the flash any way you want but here are some recommendations:

The easiest way to change the size of a partition is to edit the file
ptablespec and then do "make images". The file fimage is what gets written
to the flash chip when you do a "./flashit" (except hardware ID and checksum)
so look at the fimage-target in the Makefile for details about the layout.