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RE: Problems when polling interrupt register

I am trying to write a parallel port driver (par0) in manual mode to talk to
an external peripheral.

I need to use interrupts, and I have not been successful...

My driver has
	placed the parallel port in manual mode
	registered for interrupt 4 correctly
	and then enabled the peri_int (*R_IRQ_MASK0_SET = 0x400;)

My interrupt handler does a printk and disables further interrupts

I can poll all of the input lines (ack, busy, paper_err, select, fault)

I cannot get the peri_int interrupt to fire no matter what level I set the
input lines to, or how I pulse them.

If I enable the data or ready interrupts on par0, i get an interrupt
immediately, regardless of the states of the input lines.

I was able to get an interrupt if I use the portA line instead, but this is
not very convenient with the current developer boards (I can only readily
use the button to generate the interrupt, and I must release the button to
cause the interrupt).

Is there any guidance on what I should do to get an interrupt off of the
parallel port?  I was hoping that I could get an interrupt by pulsing the
ack line low.

Any information would be appreciated.