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JFFS question: Can I forcibly trigger a garbage collect?

Maybe this needs to go on the jffs list...

Thanks to Jonas' tips, I repartitioned my flash chip to get more space
on /mnt/flash, and I now have enough space for my binaries (46% usage).

However, after a few transfers back and forth of the same binaries,
usage climbs to 88%, even though there are no additional files. Is there
a way to force a garbage collect? I looked in os/linux/fs/jffs and saw a
function jffs_garbage_collect_now(). Is there an interface to that in
user-land? I guess I don't really need this because jffs will garbage
collect on demand, but I am curious.

I also noticed that after several file transfers using ftp and automatic
garbage collection, df reports > 100% usage:

Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/flash2                448       464        -1 104% /mnt/flash
tmpfs                      872        64       808   7% /var

Is this something I should report on the jffs list?