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RE: porting app (again)


I tried that, but still no luck.

Any other pointers? I'm scratching my head.


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Sent: Thursday, October 11, 2001 1:52 AM
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Subject: Re: porting app (again)

RedHat wrote:
> Mikael,
> Thanks for the tip.
> The upgrade indeed allowed the app to run.
> Now I'm suffering from some new problems (etrax specific, as this runs
> x86).
> ttyS0 flip-buffer overrun!
> ttyS0 flip-buffer overrun!
> ttyS0 flip-buffer overrun!
> ttyS0 flip-buffer overrun!
> Error 10009: excessive retries on getvar
> command "image" failed, abort
> I'm trying to download a 200k image over the serial port.
> Small (text) transfers work fine.
> Any tips?

Here's some low-hanging fruit you might want to grab.  First, change
#define TTY_FLIPBUF_SIZE 512 to 768 in os/linux/include/linux/tty.h. 
(Beware though, you can't increase the flip buffer size to much more
than that; see the comment in tty.h.)  Second, change #define
MAX_FLUSH_TIME 8 to 1 in os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/serial.c.  This
should improve handling of large transfers over the serial port.

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