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RE: Bootblocktool and Rescue partition

> But, I want to modify the ptable because i am using 4M flash. 
> (And needs
> it...)

Are you using one 4MB chip or two 2MB chips?

> Here is my ptablespec:
> 	[ptable]
> 	# name size     rw-options  type      name
> 	rescue 0x10000  ro          rescue    rescue.img
> 	flash1 0x2F0000 ro          kernel    flash1.img
> 	flash2 0x100000 rw          jffs      flash2.img
> and the etrax100boot arguments:

It looks OK to me.

Could you send me the debug output when you run flashit, flashitall and when the
kernel boots (the flash probe)?