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RE: Bootblocktool and Rescue partition

> I am using two 2MB chips.
> (2x AM29LV1600T or 2x TC58FVT160FT)

Since there's a memory gap between the two flash chips (0x80000000-0x80200000 and
0x84000000-0x84200000), the rescue partition will not succeed in calculating the
checksum of the kernel partition (it will continue reading at 0x80200001-...).
Prevent this by making the kernel partition "rw" in ptablespec.

But, to be able to actually use the contents of the second flash chip as a file
system (or part of a file system), you will need a new kernel that uses MTD for all
flash accesses. We are about to release a new kernel patch. I'll get back to you next