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New Kernel version

On Thursday 25 October 2001 07:46 am, you wrote:
> We are about to release a new kernel patch. I'll get back to you next
> week.

 Currently you use a patched 2.4.5 kernel, are there any plans to try any 
later kernels ? Has anyone tried a later kernel ? Just I think there is a 
limit on how useful it is to maybe keep backporting from a newer to an older 
version, if everything thats being backported is available and stable in a 
new version. I know that we as users don't want you to keep changing kernels 
every time, but there are times when it is appropriate.

Also 2 requests for any new Devboard releases
#1 remove the CVSROOT statement from init_env
#2 Fix the SUBDIRS problem in Rules.elinux . Currently a dummy  subdirectory  
is always added to the SUBDIRS so that if SUBDIRS is NULL a later rule 
doesn't fail. This means that any project using multiplte directorys etc has 
to have a dummy subdirectory as well. I modified it to add a "." if the 
SUBDIRS is NULL, and then the rule only recurses if the subdirectory is not 
"." . This is the way that standard make rules work, or at least automake 
rules. I do have one bug that the top level directory is run twice, but I can 
email my modified version if you want.