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Re: New Kernel version

On Thu, 25 Oct 2001, Andy Preston wrote:
>  Currently you use a patched 2.4.5 kernel, are there any plans to try any 
> later kernels ? Has anyone tried a later kernel ? Just I think there is a 
> limit on how useful it is to maybe keep backporting from a newer to an older 
> version, if everything thats being backported is available and stable in a 
> new version. I know that we as users don't want you to keep changing kernels 
> every time, but there are times when it is appropriate.

In theory, you can simply download the latest official kernel, which
should in theory be buildable for arch/cris. We track any kernel changes
and the official kernel tracks our internal kernel. There is bound to be
some lag back and forth but its getting more and more synchronized as 2.4
stabilizes. In other words, we run 2.4.13 internally but the official
2.4.13 might not reflect all patches, and therefore we only support the
kernels released through our devboard program, which take some time to
ascertain that the kernels are ok. 

In the future the goal is of course that the official kernel should be
able to be compiled and used for the CRIS architecture without any
worries. It's just that since 2.4 is not really settled yet, things will
break in some official kernel releases still.