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RE: Interrupt driven serial driver


As far as I know there is no such driver available
anywhere. The driver should be quite simple to implement
if you just need TX/RX (no flow control). I suggest that
you take a look in the parallel port driver in the
elinux (linux 2.0) release (elinux/drivers/char/etrax100par.c).
This driver is similar to the driver you need but for 
the parallel ports. This driver uses a kernel config
option to decide if DMA or interrupts should be used. 
If you never want to use DMA you can just remove the
DMA related functions.

PS. Why do you need an interrupt driven driver? Is the DMA 
allocated by some other interface or do you need short latency
on received data? DS.

Best Regards

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Subject: Interrupt driven serial driver

I want to write a interrupt driven serial driver (that doesn't have to 
be compatible with the standard Linux way of handling serial traffic, 
but will use it's own devices in /dev).
Is there anyone here that perhaps has allready written such a driver (or 
has started work on one) ?