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NAND flash

Hello Petr,

To clarify Mikaels answer to you:

Your suggested NAND flash connection is possible, but we haven't
tested it and we have no drivers ready for it.
If you write your own driver, you will be able to move data to and 
from the NAND flash, but you can't boot from the NAND flash or 
execute code directly from it. So it is not really a replacement for 
the normal NOR flash in the system.

You are right about how to connect it:

NAND flash         ETRAX 100LX

d0-d7              d0-d7
CLE                general output (or general I/O) 
ALE                general output (or general I/O)
WE#                WE0_ | CSxx_       (note 1) 
WP#                RESET_
R/B#               general input (or general I/O)
RE#                RD_ | CSxx_        (note 1)

Note 1: Preferably select a chip select that allows wait state 
settings that are independent from other memories in the system. 

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