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Jihoon Bang wrote:

> Hi. all
> I am using  ETRAXLX100 board which have 16M SDRAM and 4M(2 units of 2Mbyte flash rom) Flash memory.
> To upgrade memory from 16M to 32M, I modified DRAM size and R_DRAM_Config in xconfig.
> DRAM size 16 => 32
> R_DRAM_Config 00e03636 => 009e05757 ( 32bit, 0 group, 4 banks, 9 column addr., 12 row addr.)
> After [make kernel], It works well using [./ktest.]
> I could connect to board using telnet.
> In proc/meminfo, There are about 32M available memory.
> but, [./flashitall] doesn't work.
> [./flashitall] makes boot log, but after final log, it stops
> I couldn't use telnet or ftp, maybe board halted.

This happens because ./flashitall resets IP and MAC to our factory
defaults. Use the arp+ping to set them and you should be up and
running again.