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Kaffe JVM for Etrax/CRIS

Kaffe, a Java Virtual Machine, with support for Etrax/CRIS is now available for download at http:/developer.axis.com.

The port relies on some fixes in the CRIS-specific parts of the kernel. These fixes has been incorporated in the official kernel distribution as of version 2.4.11 and higher. There is, however other problems with the latest kernel versions which makes them unsuitable for the devboard.

Instead we've created a patch for 2.4.10 which incorporates our fixes. The patch and a mirror of the official 2.4.10 kernel is available here: http://developer.axis.com/download/linux/.

Kaffe with the CRIS specifics and a Makefile suitable for the Axis Developer Board is available here: http://developer.axis.com/download/apps/apps-kaffe-R1_0_0.tgz. You might also want to install zlib to enable support for java.util.zip. zlib is available here: http://developer.axis.com/download/libs/lib-zlib-R1_0_1.tgz

Below is the README file for the Kaffe port. Please note the memory requirements. The Kaffe source code is a snapshot of the official Kaffe CVS respository as of October 3, 2001. Kaffe is distributed under the terms of the GPL (http://www.kaffe.org/FAQ.html#whocan). For more info on Kaffe, please visit http://www.kaffe.org.

The Kaffe for CRIS port should be considered a Beta release. It is our intention to submit the port back to the official Kaffe distribution when it has been tested some more.


This is "Kaffe OpenVM" for CRIS. "Kaffe OpenVM", is a complete virtual
machine and class library set which allows the execution of Java code.

At this time, Kaffe for CRIS,
- only supports the bytecode interpreter; no JIT is supported.
- is only tested with unix-jthreads (not unix-pthreads).
- doesn't support X.
- doesn't install any Java GUI classes (i.e. Klasses.jar doesn't contain
  java.awt, java.beans, etc.).
- only supports targets cris-axis-linux-gnu (Linux 2.4, glibc & shared
  libraries) and host.
- is built to run from /bin, /lib, etc on the target.
- is tested to run correctly with Linux 2.4.10 and Axis' 2.4.10 patches.
- java.util.zip will only work if libs/zlib is built and installed first.
- will not fit within a 2MB flash product. At least 4MB flash is recommended.
- runs within a 8MB RAM product. 1 MB of Java heap is needed to run any
  Java app.

To build Kaffe for CRIS, do
  make cris-axis-linux-gnu
  make install

To build Kaffe for Axis Developer Board LX,
- download and unpack 'libs-zlib-R1_0_1.tgz' into your devboard directory
  (optional, needed for java.util.zip to work)
- in the 'makespec' file, add 'libs/zlib' (optional) and 'apps/kaffe' to the
  '<subdirs>' section and 'files/lib/romfs_meta.txt -m 0644' at the end.
- create the file 'files/lib/romfs_meta.txt' saying "Include: kaffe" to
  make sure Kaffe native libs are included.
- do 'make cris-axis-linux-gnu', 'make install' and 'make images'.
Note that the flash image will not fit within a 2MB flash developer board. You
can however load the kimage into RAM using ktest.