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translate automake/autoconf makefile to cris


I've been trying to port an application (several .cpp files(C++) with
corresponding .h) developed with KDevelop
(uses autoconf and automake) to the etrax 100LX.

I've downloaded the devboard environment (2.0.0), and with the help of the
howtos I successfully built a "hello world" example which ran on the

But I can't succeed on my kdevelop project. Simply including the
Rules.elinux at the top, like in the simple examples doesn't work.

Constructing a new makefile, listing all objectfiles does not work,
after a lot of warnings (non critical, like "object has virtual members, but
nonvirtual destructor") the make install stops without showing any errors.

I don't have experience on makefiles, that's why I like to use an IDE like
KDevelop ;-)

BTW, this application uses pthreads, I hope it's possible to
use them on the etrax, probably using static linking?

Is there any route to follow to translate any makefile to use the cris

Thanks for any hints on this subject,

Regards, Pieter Grimmerink