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Re: pthreads and etrax 100 LX

You are linking against pthread dynamically, so the dynamic library libpthread.so.0 has to exist under /lib on the development board. By default, it is not, so you need to put it there.

I think you can also link statically against just lpthread, by adding the link option:



On Sat, 2001-11-17 at 15:18, Pieter Grimmerink wrote:
Hello all,

I can run an application using a statically linked pthread library on
my etrax 100 LX devboard, by adding the -static option to the compiler.
But this also causes the glibc library to be linked statically (true?)
and my binary increases from 30K to over 440K.

Now I read something about pthread support being added to cris, all we had
to do was add the compile option -pthread.
I tried this, and indeed now I can leave out the -lpthread link option,
and the application compiles without errors. (before, without the -pthread
option, leaving out the -lpthread link option resulted in missing

But when I try to run the application on the target, I still get a missing
libpthread.so.0 reported.

What would be the exact way to get pthreads working without having to
link glibc as well?

Best regards,