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RE: EPP support in parport.c

Hi Bart,

The driver supplied in the 2.4 linux release is intended to be
as simple as possible. If you need higher transfer rates you
should use a DMA based implementation as you indicate. 

We have a prototype for a DMA based ECP driver available but
no EPP driver. If all negotiation and direction changes are 
handled by the framework it would be easy to add DMA EPP

Best Regards

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Can someone explain me why in the parport.c code in the 
arch/cris/drivers directory the epp and ecp functions point to the 
software simulated functions and not the native read/write functions 
that are supported by the ETRAX chip.
I need to interface a 'device bus' to the EPP port and would like to use 
them, is it OK to modify the parport driver to use the native ones ?