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RE: bootloader images

Hi Ronny,

Inside the ETRAX chip there is a small boot ROM which is capable
of reading one network packet or 784 bytes from serial/parllel port.
This is written in heavily optimized assembler. This code is not
available in the software distributions.

In linux the code in tools/e100boot/cbl is loaded using this
method (this code is actually larger than the size supported
by ETRAX so it reads the rest of itself to the cache). This
code starts in e100boot/cbl/common_init.c. 


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I'm curious about the Etrax boot loader images loadable into the cache, 
is there any howto or documentation available? Also I wounder if there 
is any assembly sources, describing the default ones? Reading OP-codes 
is quite hard... :)

/Ronny Nilsson