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RE: Where can I get dev-boards with mor Flash/DRAM?

Hi Artur,

the standard devboard can support 4MB flash and 8MB RAM.

We will soon release a Bluetooth board that has 4MB Flash + 16 MB RAM.
That board doesn't have any interfaces like GPIO or serial ports though.

We are planning an upgrade of the developer board that is planned
to be finished in May, 2002. That board will support much more

Best Regards
Fredrik Norrman
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> Subject: Where can I get dev-boards with mor Flash/DRAM?
> Hi Axis-team,
> as I noticed in the recent mailings, there is an increased interest of
> getting Etrax-100LX boards with more flash-ROM and more RAM. For my
> application I would prefer a developer board with 4MB flash and
> perhaps 32MB (at least 16MB) of RAM.
> Where can I get such "ready-to-use" hardware? Are you 
> planning to offer
> such boards or do you have partners who can offer such hardware
> configurations?
> Best regards
> Artur Ortega
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> José Artur Antão Ortega