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RE: SNMP Client for Etrax 100LX

> I haven't tried to use the cmu-snmp. I didn't found some 
> usefull code. But I found libraries from the Net-SNMP
> project.
> Do you know about these project?? 
> I think it isn't much differents between the Net-SNMP and
> the CMU-SNMP?!?

NET-SNMP is based on the CMU code. I suggest that you use
NET-SNMP since it is more up to date.
> What do you mean with "rip all the MIB code"?? It doesn't 
> sound good.

If you can use purely numeric OIDs instead of textual OIDs 
you can omit the MIB files and save some space. You could
also rip out the code that provides the translation, but
unless there is already a configuration option for this
I don't think it's worth the effort.