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Re: std c++ libraries

> From: mschapira@xxxxxxx.com
> Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 16:00:34 -0700

> Our application is written in C++ in that we make use of the class
> capabilities of C++. However, we do not use the the std c++ libraries. For
> example we cannot use the cout  and cerr objects to output things. All of
> our output is done using some variant of printf.

Still, there's too much dependence on various things in
libstdc++ to get away with less.

> I looked at the libraries for the cris compiler v2.96 and I noticed that
> there were entries for libstc++. Can these be moved to the axis "board" and
> be used?

Yes.  Just build and link with g++-cris; if you have an
"install" rule like the one in apps/ipsetd (installing in
$(INSTDIR) everything will be copied automatically.

> If so what features of the std c++ library would we be able to use.


> The file space on our board is large enough to accomodate a std c++
> library.

Good; you'd have had trouble with the "simple way" if there's
less than (say) ~1M left.

brgds, H-P