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Re: std c++ libraries

> Yes.  Just build and link with g++-cris; if you have
> an
> "install" rule like the one in apps/ipsetd
> (installing in
> $(INSTDIR) everything will be copied automatically.

Not quite! I have an application that relies on
libstdc++. If I add an install rule to my Makefile and
add an entry to makespec, libstdc++ will be added
libstdc++ relies on libmath however, and libmath will
not be included. I have to add an entry manually.

The script find-needed-shlibs.pl should be updated
to find not only direct dependencies but also
indirect, i.e., that if an application relies on a
library that relies on a library the last library
should also be added to the list of required
I can't fix it myself. I'm a perl iliterate :-).


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