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RE: Watchdog & ./flashitall


CONFIG_ETRAX_WATCHDOG should not be used during the flash loading
process at all. Is anything printed on the debug port during flash
loading when CONFIG_ETRAX_WATCHDOG is enabled?

I can verify your kernelconfig if you send me the partnumbers for
the memory chips you are using. 

ETRAX 100LX exist in two versions:
ETRAX-100-LX-v1: First ETRAX 100LX. Some known bugs in e.g. MMU.
ETRAX-100-LX-v2: Second revision of ETRAX 100LX. 

ETRAX-100-LX-v1 is safe even if you have an ETRAX 100LX v2.
On v1 the numer 17511 is printed. On v2 the number 17854 is printed. 

ETRAX-100-LX-for-xsim-simulator is only used when we 
simulate the CPU at Axis. You should not use this
(because you don't have the simulator anyway).


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Subject: Watchdog & ./flashitall

Hi. all

A few weeks ago, I had no idea about boot failure through ./flashitall when I use only group0 in SDRAM_CONFIG.
That is solved disabling CONFIG_ETRAX_WATCHDOG.

To tell the old history,
When I was using 16M SDRAM, .Both of ./ktest and ./flashitall are working well.
but, When 32M SDRAM, ./flashitall didn't succeed.
After disabling CONFIG_ETRAX_WATCHDOG, it succeeded !!!
How come is this value related with SDRAM size.?
I'll attach a menuconfig file.

and.. I have another question. in menuconfig, There is a Processor type menu.(ETRAX-100-LX-v1, ETRAX-100-LX-v2, ETRAX-100-LX-for-xsim-simulator)
what is this? In my case, ETRAX-100-LX-v2 is selected.

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