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Re: couldn't restrict write permission

> > > Couldn't restrict write permissions to /dev/ttyS0: Read-only file system
> >
> > Which program does that come from? Does it really have to change
> > permission on /dev/ttyS0?
> This message is send by the login program. I read somewhere that login and 
> getty programs indeed change the ownership of /dev/tty* files when users log 
> in. I think I have to make the /dev directory writable, just like the /var 
> and /tmp directory. How can I do this?

I can't find the message in the login-program. Anyway, you can make
/dev/ttyS0 a symlink to /var/someplace and put the character special
file in /.var.tar (i.e. install it in $(prefix)/var from

But I'm not at all convinced that this is the Right Way to do it. The
behaviour of the program ought to be run-time-configurable. Is the
message really an error or just a warning?