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New releases

Hi all.

We have three new software releases available for download: devboard,
devboard_lx and devboard_bt.

devboard_lx R2_1_0 uses the Linux 2.4.14 kernel with improved ethernet
and serial port drivers. It should also solve problems encountered using
more than one flash chip. ppp-2.4.1 and iptables are ported (not that it
takes much to port apps to cris-axis-linux-gnu anymore) and included.

devboard R1_1_0 is an update of the old software for those of you still
running elinux on ETRAX 100. mkprod/prodspec has been replaced with
Makefile/makespec just like in the devboard_lx software. A Bourne like
shell is used instead of sash. This will probably be the last release of
the old devboard software.

devboard_bt R1_0_0 is a new software for the Developer board for
Bluetooth <http://developer.axis.com/products/devboard_bt>. It's much
like devboard_lx R2_1_0 plus the Axis OpenBT stack and a few bluetooth

You will find them at <http://developer.axis.com/download> as usual.