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Re: couldn't restrict write permission

Hi Jonas,
Thanks for your patience with me :)
I installed the new software but I have still exactly the same problem. I 
also can't login without ppp. When I just dial to the modem on the developer 
board I can connect, but I can't login. The login promt appears, but after 
typing my login name, nothing happens. I tried this with agetty and with 
mgetty. the command in inittab I used for agetty is:

S0:2345:respawn:/sbin/agetty ttyS0 115200

I don't have to use an initstring because I have stored everything in the 

When I tried to login in on ttyS0 directly with a 0-modem i discovered this 
was only possible when using the -L option (ignore modem signals) with 
agetty. Without this option I had exactly the same problem as with the modem: 
no password promp after login. When I tried agetty on a normal pc, it also 
worked without the -L option. Are the modem signals on the serial port of the 
developer board not working properly? in the kernel configuration there is an 
option to set the modem signals on different bit numbers. Maybe I have to 
change those numbers? 

On Tuesday 11 December 2001 06:45 pm, you wrote:
> > Did u use mgetty or agetty?
> No, I used the ppp-link for TCP/IP over bluetooth. Maybe you are just
> having authentication problems (PAP/CHAP), but there should be an error
> message somewhere telling us what's wrong. Read the manual pages that comes
> with ppp and try to find everywhere it writes logs.
> /Jonas