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partition tables on r2.1.0

I am having a problem expanding the size of the jffs file system on
/dev/flash2 in the partition table.
The current size support a 2 meg flash, but my flash is 8 meg.

Under developer board 2.0.0 to expand the size of /dev/flash2 I would edit
the ptablespec  entry from 0x050000 to 0x650000.
and then
make files
make images.

When I tried this for developer board 2.1.0 the board would not boot.

I am attaching the results of flashing with 2 megs flash and 8 megs flash.
rslts (2 meg) This works
rslts2 (8 meg) The board does not boot.

Please tell me what is wrong.

(See attached file: rslts)(See attached file: rslts2)

Thanks in advance.