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How to get output fromm bootloader

I want to check if our new Etrax100 based board is booting correctly...

I guess from the list messages that there'is a boot log available coming
from the Serial/1 port (the one with the 8-pin connector near the reset/boot
buttons on the dev-board). I tried to get something from it, but nothig
Could someone be so kind telling me exaclty what I have to do to get this
log output? (Levels, serial parameters (9600,8,N,1 should be the default, or
not..), signal handshaking, etc.)
Also an explanation of the low-level boot process (up to the Linux boot)
should be of great help for me.
I heard also about the possibility to boot from serial (0?). How could I do,
and with wich "flashitall"?

Many thanks


Flavio Molinelli
show.it s.r.l. - an E.magine company