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Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

Dear Jonas,

thanks from your answer
but I was asking for something different:

I already used Linux boot & kernel log from serial 2 on dev board. But on
our board I'm not able to get anything from LInux kernel. The problem is

I know there is to possibility to get the log of the "network download to
flash and boot" process, but this log cannot use Linux, as Linux is not
running at this stage.

Or probably I made a misunderstatement...

Can you tell me if this log can be obtained from the board, o not?



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Subject: Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

> On Fri, 2001-12-14 at 08:27, Flavio Molinelli wrote:
> > I want to check if our new Etrax100 based board is booting correctly...
> >
> > I guess from the list messages that there'is a boot log available coming
> > from the Serial/1 port (the one with the 8-pin connector near the
> > buttons on the dev-board). I tried to get something from it, but nothig
> > happens.
> All debug is on Serial port 2 (/dev/ttyS2) i.e. COM2 on the developer
> board. Use a null modem cable and tools/sermon (default is 115200 8N1).
> In th devboard_lx-R2_1_0 software you only need to change the kernel
> debug port (using "make xconfig" or "make menuconfig") if you want all
> debug (and serial login) to be on another port.
> Best regards
> /Jonas
> > Could someone be so kind telling me exaclty what I have to do to get
> > log output? (Levels, serial parameters (9600,8,N,1 should be the
default, or
> > not..), signal handshaking, etc.)
> > Also an explanation of the low-level boot process (up to the Linux boot)
> > should be of great help for me.
> > I heard also about the possibility to boot from serial (0?). How could I
> > and with wich "flashitall"?
> >
> > Many thanks
> >
> > Flavio
> >
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