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Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

> I already used Linux boot & kernel log from serial 2 on dev board. But on
> our board I'm not able to get anything from LInux kernel. The problem is

The same port is used for network-boot messages and kernel messages.

> I know there is to possibility to get the log of the "network download to
> flash and boot" process, but this log cannot use Linux, as Linux is not
> running at this stage.

It's the etrax100boot program in the tools directory that runs on your
PC when network booting. For convenience it has a wrapper, called
boot_linux, that extracts parameters from the image and gives them to
etrax100boot. boot_linux is called with different parameters from the
scripts ktest, kflash, flashit and flashitall. If you add "-p" to the
command line you used when network booting (e.g. "./flashit -p") you
should get the etrax200boot command as output. That command contains
"--bootfile DBG2" which means that serial port 2 is used for debug
messages during network boot.

> Or probably I made a misunderstatement...
> Can you tell me if this log can be obtained from the board, o not?

Yes, you should always be able to get the boot log from the debug port.
Does the program on your PC terminate or does it hang? If it hangs your
board is probably not in network boot mode.