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Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

Thanks Jonas,

now things are a bit clearer....

What happened was that I compiled Linux to use NO debug port (on dev-board
we had to use both serial, so boot messages where annoying...)
But, as far as I can see, I could use "any" serial to output debug... So why
not Serial/1...?

I'll check it and report.

See ya'

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Subject: Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

> > I already used Linux boot & kernel log from serial 2 on dev board. But
> > our board I'm not able to get anything from LInux kernel. The problem is
> The same port is used for network-boot messages and kernel messages.
> >
> > I know there is to possibility to get the log of the "network download
> > flash and boot" process, but this log cannot use Linux, as Linux is not
> > running at this stage.
> It's the etrax100boot program in the tools directory that runs on your
> PC when network booting. For convenience it has a wrapper, called
> boot_linux, that extracts parameters from the image and gives them to
> etrax100boot. boot_linux is called with different parameters from the
> scripts ktest, kflash, flashit and flashitall. If you add "-p" to the
> command line you used when network booting (e.g. "./flashit -p") you
> should get the etrax200boot command as output. That command contains
> "--bootfile DBG2" which means that serial port 2 is used for debug
> messages during network boot.
> >
> > Or probably I made a misunderstatement...
> >
> > Can you tell me if this log can be obtained from the board, o not?
> Yes, you should always be able to get the boot log from the debug port.
> Does the program on your PC terminate or does it hang? If it hangs your
> board is probably not in network boot mode.
> brgds
> /Jonas