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Re: How to get output fromm bootloader

> What happened was that I compiled Linux to use NO debug port (on dev-board
> we had to use both serial, so boot messages where annoying...)
> But, as far as I can see, I could use "any" serial to output debug... So why
> not Serial/1...?

Yes you can use any serial port for debug. But if you use the
devboard_lx-R2_0_0 software it must be changed in three places:
kernelconfig, the /dev/console symlink (in Makefile) and the agetty
argument in files/etc/inittab. In the deboard_lx-R2_1_0 software you
only need to change it in kernelconfig and the rest will follow (the
files target in Makefile reads debugport from kernelconfig and creates
/dev/console link, agetty uses console link).