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On 14 Dec 2001, Jonas Holmberg wrote:
> > what is the "RESCUE PORT" .... in my .config is set tu Ser/2...
> > Can I set it to ser/1, as the debug port?
> It's the port that the rescue code (in the rescue partition) reads from
> if it finds that the checksum of the read-only kernel-partition is wrong
> (the checksum is stored in the partitiontable). There is no
> client-software yet for booting from the rescue port so it's not used
> (since it is possible to network boot we haven't had a great need for
> it).

Yes, the idea with it is that if you need to support rescuing of badly 
flashed products from Windows PC's, it is much easier to copy a file to 
SER: than to write and install the appropriate drivers for low level 
ethernet access. It is trivial on Linux but every Windows version has had 
their own method of ethernet access and/or driver models - often you need 
to install a packet driver and the user might not have the rights to do 
that or the knowledge etc etc, while the basic serial API has stayed more 
or less the same.