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RE: RE: Problem about boot

 1. BS2=1 and BS1=0, it's OK.
 2. There is activity on the address signals when power is applied, but no on the data signals.
 3. The reset to ETRAX100LX is correct.
  It seems that the ETRAX100LX should output the 25MHz signal, bur not.
  Please help me!
>Some suggestions:

1. The ETRAX 100 has to be in network boot mode to output the 25 MHz clock.
Check that BS2=1 and BS1=0. 

2. Check that there is activity on the address and data signals when power is applied

3. Check that the reset to ETRAX is correct

If you can't get it to work you can send us a card and we'll help you out (contact fredrik.norrman@xxxxxxx.com)


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  I made a PCB board, the FLash is empty, I want to boot it from ethernet, but when powered on, the TXEN pin of ETRAX 100LX can not output 25M clk signal. 
  I have checked the external component of PLL carefully, and the input CLK is OK.
  What can I do?
  What conditions must be meet when 25MHz signal can be outputed?