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ETRAX USB HowTo ????

We build a board, basicaly a developer board with 4 serials and 1 USB port.

The board is working well, and we can use the serial ports.

Now we have to test the USB connection

I'd plan to use ACM drivers to connect to an external USB modem (already
checked compatibility w/ Linux 2.4 on a RH 7.1 box)

But, when configuring the kernel, doubt begin:

I enabled Etrax USB support, port 1 in Host mode.
I enabled kernel USB support.... but should I set UHCI or OHCI?
I enabled USB fs and ACM drivers.

But the only think I can see is that usb device (180) and ACM device (166)
are present.

I mount the usbdevfs, and see no devices, and usbdevfs, usb and acm devices.


Is ther an ETRAX USB howto?

or someone can help me setting the Etrax USB up and working?