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Re: ETRAX USB HowTo ???? >>>> Works... but....

On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Flavio Molinelli wrote:
> OUr project expect to user 4 serials (Ser0...3) and 1 USB (Usb 2)
> We expected to be able to use at the same time USB2 and Serial/1, as they
> appear not to be in conflict (Designer's Refernce, table 20-13: Usb2 is in
> group D, Serial/1 is in group E)

That just means the physical pins are not conflicting, not that the 
DMA channels are not conflicting. If it indeed is possible to run both 
USB2 and serial-1 physically, then the solution is to use an interrupt 
driven serial driver for that port instead of a DMA-driven (the serial 
interrupt is not the same as the DMA IRQ 25 you are having problems with).

This is on the TODO-list for the serial driver... but I guess we'll have 
to prioritize it now that it actually seems needed :)