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Re: ETRAX USB HowTo ???? >>>> Works... but....

OK, Bjorn,

so we have to wait for a Interrrupt driven serial driver, and then use it
for serial ports...

BTW, there are other "conflict tables" we should consider before giving our
board to the mass production?

We are using:

1 Usb (2)
1 Eth
4 Ser (0,2,3  ... and 1)
1 GPIO (pians that are left available....)

Have my best wishes for an Happy New Year


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Sent: Friday, December 28, 2001 3:48 PM
Subject: Re: ETRAX USB HowTo ???? >>>> Works... but....

> On Fri, 28 Dec 2001, Flavio Molinelli wrote:
> > OUr project expect to user 4 serials (Ser0...3) and 1 USB (Usb 2)
> >
> > We expected to be able to use at the same time USB2 and Serial/1, as
> > appear not to be in conflict (Designer's Refernce, table 20-13: Usb2 is
> > group D, Serial/1 is in group E)
> That just means the physical pins are not conflicting, not that the
> DMA channels are not conflicting. If it indeed is possible to run both
> USB2 and serial-1 physically, then the solution is to use an interrupt
> driven serial driver for that port instead of a DMA-driven (the serial
> interrupt is not the same as the DMA IRQ 25 you are having problems with).
> This is on the TODO-list for the serial driver... but I guess we'll have
> to prioritize it now that it actually seems needed :)
> /BW