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Re: Problem to reach my devboard 100lx

> After some modifications in file "network.conf" and added one device to
> drive parallel port
> in ~/axis/devboard_lx/os/linux/arch/cris/drivers/, I have made one image
> from these files.
> Then I have loaded it with "flashit" to the devboard.
> After this, I can't anymore reach my device. Neither by telnet, neither
> by ftp nor by the serial port.
> Is there somebody who can help me to restore the system, if it's still
> possible ?
> thanks for  your help.

If you are not able to reach the board then you probably have entered
incompatible values in network.conf. Check that you have the correct
value in NETMASK. Then build a new image and run flashit again. If it
doesn't help please send me your network.conf and a debug log (from the
serial debug port when booting).

Best regards