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Re: Where is cu ?

On Fri, 2002-01-11 at 10:22, Jonas Holmberg wrote:
> > I am a junior Linux programmer. Now I reached my devboard over Hyper Terminal in Windows 2000 and it works well. I try to use cu in Redhat Linux 7.2 to do the same job. But I cannot find the location of cu. Is cu a built-in utility in Redhat Linux? Or where to download cu?
> It's in the uucp RPM, if I remember correctly. But I think you'll be
> better off using tools/sermon which comes with the developer board
> software.

Maybe I should explain that a bit: if you intend to login and work at
the shell prompt cu is better (command line editing works), but if you
intend to read the boot messages sermon is better (I haven't found a way
to make cu handle '\n', it expects "\r\n").