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Re: ucdsnmp package for uCLinux?

On Fridayen den 11 January 2002 22.45, Andreas Auer wrote:
> I have tried to compile the ucdsnmp package for the axis system.
> But I couldn't do this. I got the following error:
> gcc-cris: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11
> make: *** [misc/ipfwacc.o] Error 1
> Before this error, I got many warnings. Can anyone help me?
> Andreas Auer

One question has to be asked - are you shure that you want a uCLinux
(If you have only LX or MCM you don't)

make help

## cris-axis-linux-gnu - Prepares all subdirectories to be built for
##                       cris-linux
##                       2.4.x. and glibc. Use this target once to initialize
##                       all subdirs before the install targets are used.
## clinux - Prepares all subdirectories to be built for cris-linux 2.4.x and
##          uC-libc. NOTE: This target is deprecated since it needs uC-libc,
##          which is no longer used in this product. Use target
##          cris-axis-linux-gnu instead!

There is a problem with this - you should select one and only one
of the two above (really three choices - host is an option too...)


Roger Larsson