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Re: ucdsnmp package for uCLinux?

> From: "Andreas Auer" <aauer1@xxxxxxx.at>
> Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 22:45:27 +0100

> I have tried to compile the ucdsnmp package for the axis system.
> But I couldn't do this. I got the following error:
> gcc-cris: Internal compiler error: program cc1 got fatal signal 11
> make: *** [misc/ipfwacc.o] Error 1
> Before this error, I got many warnings. Can anyone help me?

Please help me helping you:
What cris-dist compiler-tools version are you using?
What is the output from running the following commands?:
 rpm -qi cris-dist
 gcc-cris -v -xc /dev/null

If you're using cris-dist-1.16, please also send me:
1. The complete command line (all gcc-cris options) where you
   got the error quoted above.
2. The file "ipfwacc.i" that is generated when you re-run that
   command-line and add the option "-save-temps".
Please quote (copy-paste) rather than describe.

This will help resolve the problem quickly.  It is true that I
could try and find the "ucdsnmp package" of the same version you
have (guessing) and configure it the same way (guessing), but it
is much too likely that I will miss just the detail that lead to
the error you see.


brgds, H-P